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I had a similar situation. A computer that never had the Novell Client had Windows 10 update saying to manually uninstall it. I was using the windows 10 "Media Creation Tool" to update within that. I found a log file the update program was using. There is a file in C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\Panther\ScanResult.xml that had the name of the novell file blocking the install. In my case the file was referenced at the bottom of this xml file and it was "nwsndmsg.exe". I searched the reg and didn't find it. Then I found it on the drive in an old complete copy of the previous PC. I deleted it, clicked refresh on the Windows 10 updater and it went on. Hope this helps someone else get past this issue.
THIS solved my problem!
I found the the "ScanResult.xml" in a Panther folder referencing the same "nwsndmsg.exe" file.

Did a search on my drives where I found a couple of copies of this on an old Boot disk I had slaved. Deleted the files - ran the update again and Hey Presto.

The Novell client had never been installed on my PC but some of the files from an unpacked Novell Client installer existed on the old disk.

Thanks briancerve.