I have a Null Driver which gets informed if a special new object is created and starts a workflow to which the new object is an input to. Parts of the workflow may fail with an error because it is doing some network/API stuff. The errors get caught by the workflow itself which then increases an error counter on the object.

I want to configure the health state of the Null Driver as follows:
1. green if there are no object with an error count less than 3
2. yellow if there are is at least one but not more than 3 object with an error count greater or equal 3
3. red, otherwise

To do this I need to query the IDV but there is no condition for that. Any idea how I could manage this? I have seen that the Driver health job is able to send a "subscriber heartbeat" to the Driver prior evalutating the health conditions. Is there a way to use this heartbeat to fulfill my requirement?