I'm currently developing an interface between our c#-based application and groupwise 2014 client in order to send e-mails. Everything works fine so far: creating and populating the mail message works and even sending it would either, but it is required to display the message. Here's where I'm stuck since I can't find a way to refresh the mailbox and the message won't appear at the groupwise UI until F5 is pressed (objAccount.MailBox.Refresh(); won't do the trick). Another approach would be opening the newly created message in a new window, but I can't find a way doing that.

Thanks for any help in advance!

public static bool SendMail( ... ) {
	GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application gwapplication;
	GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account objAccount;
	Messages messages;
	Message message;
		gwapplication = new GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application();
		objAccount = gwapplication.Login("CLIENT USERNAME", null, "",
		GroupwareTypeLibrary.LoginConstants.egwNeverPrompt, null);

		messages = objAccount.MailBox.Messages;
		message = messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL", "A GENERAL SUBJECT TEXT", MessageBoxTypeConstants.egwDraft);
		Recipients recipients = message.Recipients;
		foreach (var eam in aFilteredTotalMailaddressList)
			switch (eam.SendingAs)
				case EmailAddressingType.To:
					recipients.Add("MAIL ADDRESS", "SOME IDENTIFIER", AddressTargetTypeConstants.egwTo);
				case EmailAddressingType.CC:
					recipients.Add("MAIL ADDRESS", "SOME IDENTIFIER", AddressTargetTypeConstants.egwCC);
				case EmailAddressingType.BCC:
					recipients.Add("MAIL ADDRESS", "SOME IDENTIFIER", AddressTargetTypeConstants.egwBC);
		message.Subject.PlainText = "SUBJECT TEXT";
		message.BodyText.RTF = "RTF E-MAIL TEXT";
		ErrorLogger.Info("Groupwise COM Interface", "Mail text added");

		Attachments files = message.Attachments;
		files.Add("ATTACHMENT OBJECT PATH", AttachmentTypeConstants.egwFile, "ATTACHMENT OBJECT NAME");

		// NEEDED for sender-fields to be filled out! ("...then Add the Message object to the synnchronized collection via AddExisitingMessage() and the recipients are in the Mail Object" - https://forums.novell.com/showthread.php/500137-resolving-recipients-of-mail-leads-to-User-not-found-error)
		messages.AddExistingMessage(objAccount.Owner.DisplayName, objAccount.Owner.EMailAddress, "", DateTime.Now, MessageBoxTypeConstants.egwDraft, MessageStatusConstants.egwMessageStatusDefault, MessagePriorityConstants.egwNormal, MessageSecurityConstants.egwDefaultSecurity, message);

		// Send e-mail...
		// message.Send();
	catch (Exception e)
		// error message here
		return false;
		gwapplication = null;
		objAccount = null;
		messages = null;
		message = null;
	return true;