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Thread: Fatal error installing Tomcat IDM 4.5

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    Fatal error installing Tomcat IDM 4.5


    I'm having problems installing Tomcat from IDM 4.5 ISO.
    This is a new server with RHEL 7.3, eDirectory 9 SP3 and IDM 4.5.4
    We are using the installer Identity_Manager_4.5_Linux_Advanced/products/RBPM/postgre_tomcat_install/TomcatPostgreSQL.bin in console mode and choosing to install only Tomcat.

    The program start the installation and abort it with the message "Fatal error occurred during installation, Rolling back the installation"

    In tomcat_postgresql_install_log file there is not detail about the error, it finish with:

    Error occurred while installing the following Action, hence rolling back the installation....!
    Action Name:              Product Installer
    Action Description:       Product Installer:        
    Error Details as below:
    The Installer has failed due to an Unhandled Exception
    I attached the tomcat_postgresql_install_log file to this thread.

    Someone have an idea what we need to look?

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