Looking for suggestions or experience with the following:

Incrementing ever so slowly on each search server, but never seems to finish:

du -h /vastorage/search/kablink/

36G /vastorage/search/kablink/ node 1 (index that took 2 days)
34G /vastorage/search/kablink/ node 2 (index that is still running)

appserver.log shows current entries of:

2017-10-25 15:18:28,069 INFO [Sitescape_Worker-18] [com.novell.teaming.module.folder.impl.PlusFolderMo dule] - Folders cleaned up: success=607, fail=0, invalid=0
2017-10-25 15:28:12,927 INFO [Sitescape_Worker-4] [com.novell.teaming.module.folder.impl.PlusFolderMo dule] - Folders cleaned up: success=610, fail=0, invalid=0

Node 2 - being indexed is in write only.

Looking for suggestions on other things to check for progress - will it ever finish or will it crash eventually? Should we stop it and reboot? How long to monitor - swap is at 99% for several days... Don't want to stop if its almost done? Could it take
over a week to finish?