Good day for You, venerable Novell society!
You are my last Hope to solve existing and growing problem.
So, maybe it'll be a lot of words, but I have to tell You all the things one after another using my broken English (by the way, I'm sorry for that in advance).
Story starts a few years ago, when there was a need to replace one of the hard discs from working NW 6.5 for a newer and bigger one, because HDD starts to fail. I had a SUN disc shelf as a donor and I took the first likest HDD for replacing the death-marked patient. I did'nt know how to migrate data from one volume to another and in view of tha fact that it is the system disc from wnich system boots, I decided try to clone this, maybe with resizing an existing NSS partition, because replaceable disc was 36 Gb capacity, and "the new one" has a 72gb. Using Acronis True Image soft, I tried to clone an antry disc from the smaller to the bigger manually, but the soft says, that it cannot resize this type of partition and at the same time it is ready to clone the whole disc to another "byte-in-byte" with the rest piece of free space. I agreed with the soft and successfully cloned a disc, replaced tha old, booted from "new" disc without any issues and after that using Novell Remote Manager right from server graphic console, increased the volumes SYS and the another one named "STORAGE", using free space the "new" disc.
This construction successfully worked about 5-6 years up to now.
Troubles comes together with a new security policy in our organization: all workstations now have to equipped with some soft, that allows to work with global databases via cryptotunnels. That soft (nobody knows, including authors, why???) writes file SMART_IO.CRD to all volumes, that it recognizes as fast - it may be flash drive, network drive, etc. This soft permanently writes something into these files and reads them. And periodically happens that one of the workstations holds this file for itself purposes and a rest of connected users have to wait while the workstation, that blocks the file, freed it. So far it occurs, all users are veeeeeery slow: folders opens 20-30 secs, access to files tooks 1-1.5 minutes, opening "regular" .doc file becomes an event on five and more minutes.
First times we just rebooted server. But file locking comes very quick - after 1-2 hours of work. So, the next solution (more effective) was found in renaming locked file to something another: station, that holds a file, keeps working with it, but another stations immediately creates "new" SMART_IO.CRD and operates with it further with happyness.
Maybe I've fount a solution, but doubts in my mind hounted me more and more: the server, that is developed to server 1000+ users with average loading (if the "load monitor" screen did'nt lie to me) 1.5%, with scsi (ok, not young, but so what?) discs and volumes, spreaded on these discs more or less evently - why, WHY this system holds on locking ONE STUPID file, that is used by maybe 100 users???
Answer keeps itself waiting not very long time: in a couple monts "renaming" like this I received a new surprise from te server: Volume "STORAGE" deactivated due hardware error. And at the console I'm watching at the message, that the one of my discs have a trouble and needs to be replaced.
Rebooting server did'nt show anything criminal: server booted, volumes mounted, users worked.
O.k. I understood a task: I need another HDD.
And while I searched the drive, I head a solution for replacement: do like I did in the past - clone disc, then increase volume.
O.k. I sayd - I did. Booting from Acronis bootcd, starting cloning... Oooops. Read sector error occures. Retry-retry-retry - do'nt helps. O.k. Trying to read data from volume. Booting server normalle, but without X, trying to read. After reading for 10-15 minutes error message occurs: volume is deactivated, harddisk wants to be a garbage fastly. Reboot. Reading some files. Error. And mane and many times like this for two days. Users says, that they took most critical files and now I can do something awful with the server, and I did. I tried to recover bad sectors on the disc useng SCSI utility. It found many, many errors and reports me, that reassigned all bad sectors.
- Very good! - I says myself, - now time to start cloning!
Cloning brings many retries, but only one sector I had to skip - 100+ retries did'nt help me to read it. But cloning "ends successfully" and I, removed a disk and selected to boot from a "new one", waited and hope to the Miracle. Miracle, on some reasons, did not happen: at the booting procedure server says, that it cannot mount volume SYS, because something corrupted, or it is one or more segment not found.
I tried to cure SYS via nss menu. But it is very interesting: all documents tells me, that when I start nss menu, I have several options: pools, volumes, RAID, etc, and REBUILD. I have not option REBUILD neither when I'm typing nss menu, nor nssmnu. In the menus I do'nt see, why volume is broken - it is nothing related with SYS in any submenus: only "unused space" or volume STORAGE belonging.
I've booted from the sick disc again. It boots and mounts all the volumes. I'm reading more data, but trouble, of course, still present.
I did'nt found any info how to connect or mount an existing partition (nss menu shows me, that "here is some unknown partition, than is not belonging anybody, but have the same size with your lost SYS volume") and I decided to create at the "new disc" the SYS partition. But I did'nt create a clean new partition, I wanted to show my server, that "there is a few free space, where you can place unfound part of SYS volume" and I've just expanded a SYS volume to some unused space on my fresh-cloned disc. I know, it was a great mistake.
Pool for volume SYS becomes a two times bigger.
How to remove a part from volume back - I do'nt know. How to move a part from one physically disc to another - I do'nt know too.
I thought, that situation with unmountable SYS happens, because one sector from source disc could'nt be read and I decided to check disc surface and try to clone it again.
Checking surface shows me a lot of errors. And again reports, that all of them age remapped. For now cloning I took another disk - the same size with the "sick" and from the same disc shelf, but a little different model. Cloning asked for many retries again, but now it was no any unreadable sectors, that I had to skip.
Replacing "old" drive.
Seems o.k., but....
Where is the STORAGE volume???
nss mnu shows me, that there are some parts of SYS on several discs and some unknown partitions, thet are not belonging to any volume.
So. When I'm booting from the first cloned disc, result is: successfully mounted volume STORAGE, but no volyme SYS.
When I'm booting from the second cloned disc - I have SYS, but no STORAGE.
But it is not the awful thing!
Now when I'm trying to boot from the sick disc, I'm having the same trouble with SYS too: it does'nt want to assembly to a correct volume and mount!!!

Dear sirs!
Dear collegues!
Dear enthusiasts, who are faithful Netare!
Is it any way to solve my problem? Maybe I can somehow get access to data on the STORAGE volume? Maybe I somehow can repair an volume, exclude from pool a part, that is placed on the bad disc? Maybe just one good idea or long, hard,but fortunable, way?
Thank You a lot even for reading my long story...