since GW8 we have an application (its called BMD NTCS and is for tax consultants with a build in calendar) which syncs calendar events per SOAP (without SSL) with Groupwise.

Application <-> Groupwise Server <-> GMS <-> mobile phone

Since GW 2014 we have a strange problem:

If you create an event in the groupwise client or on the mobile phone or in the application, it gets synced to the others: OK
If you change the event (name/time/...) in the GW client or on the mobile phone, it gets synced to the others: OK
If you change the event in the application, it gets synced to groupwise but not GMS/mobile phone: not OK

As if the GW server forgets to inform the GMS about the change

Webaccess, from what i understand speaks only SOAP since GW 2014, is also OK, the events gets synced to all other endpoints.

In the logs i see SOAP commands [loginRequest], [getFolderRequest], [modifyItemRequest], [markUnPrivateRequest], [logoutRequest] from the application server when i change the event there.
On the other hand if i change the event on the mobile phone there are SOAP [createItemRequest] and [removeItemsRequest] in the log instead of modify + the old event is in the thrash of the GW client (maybe related to https://forums.novell.com/showthread...mobile-devices ?)

Is this a new requirement in GW 2014 for event changes? delete and recreate the events ?

One additional point: we hoped that gw14.2.2HP1-128215 would fix that, but we are unable to update the Groupwise system to gw14.2.2HP1-128215 because after that SOAP stops working. Webaccess, GMS and the our Application are unable to connect to the Groupwise Server. SOAP with and without SSL. So we have installed 14.2.2-126868 over gw14.2.2HP1-128215, restarted Groupwise agents and everyone can speak SOAP again.

Groupwise 2014 Server on SLES11 SP4
GMS 14.2.2 Build: 145 on SLES12 SP2