Just wanted to post this to the forum for those to view. I had a problem that required me to search a very long sentence for the occurrence of a specific substring. I was able to find this simple function in the VBA library and it works amazingly well for such a compact little code snippet.

' Generated by the Reflection Macro Recorder on 07-02-2017 12:02:03.74.
' Generated by Micro Focus Reflection Desktop Pro (16.0.308.0).
Dim osCurrentScreen As Screen
Dim osCurrentTerminal As Terminal
Dim returnValue As Integer
Dim BEL As String   ' Chr(rcBEL) = Chr(7) = Control-G
Dim BS As String    ' Chr(rcBS) = Chr(8) = Control-H
Dim LF As String    ' Chr(rcLF) = Chr(10) = Control-J
Dim CR As String    ' Chr(rcCR) = Chr(13) = Control-M
Set osCurrentTerminal = ThisFrame.SelectedView.control
Set osCurrentScreen = osCurrentTerminal.Screen
LF = Chr(10)
CR = Chr(13)

' This code is case sensitive.
' In the example below, we are going to use the big string/sentence that we want to search within and set it to *This STring has some text*.
' I now want to know if this big long sentence has the substring of *Has* included within it.
' In this specific example, the string of *Has* is not found in the sentence *This STring has some text* because the function IS case sensitive.
' If you edit the search term to be the small letter *has* then it will evaluate as true.  With this simple, yet powerful, tool I was able to then perform
' my macro based on a simple if/then statement.
Dim str As String
str = "This STring has some text"
MsgBox str

If InStr(1, str, "Has") Then
    'string contains the substring "example"
    MsgBox "GOOD JOB"
    'string does not contain the substring "example"
    MsgBox "BAD JOB"
End If

Exit Sub

End Sub

Hope this provides a useful tool for someone to use...