I'm trying to dynamically generate an Addressee for an approval step so that the request is sent to someone with a specific title but I can't seem to get any results back from my query.

I've created a query in my DAL ( I've attached a screenshot ) and I think I have that set properly. I have one parameter and one query condition that checks if the parameter is equal to the user's title.

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In my code I'm using the following to run the query
var queryResult = IDVault.globalQuery( 'userTitleSearch', { 'userTitle': 'TitleA'} );
The query runs fine but when I try to check if there are any results:
if ( queryResult.length > 0 ) {}
It always fails and if I check what queryResult.length is it always comes back as undefined.

Now, I know that there is a user with that title but I can't seem to search for it. Is there something that I'm missing?