Hi everybody,

A question about the most sane method in the following scenario.

We get (or already have) number of objects in edirectory.
Each of the objects in question has a URL reference, where we can go to
get more information about the objects.

for example or http://api.kle-online.dk/resources/emne/85.11.08
(those are real live urls, which are public reachable, all are beneath
either /resources/hovedgruppe/, /resources/gruppe/ or /resources/emne

From there we get an XML document with a lot of info, which we can parse
and enrich the objects with.

What would be the most sane way, to do this?

A rest driver? And if so, how on earth would we configure it to have
dynamic endpoints? (all are same host, but different urls)?

Or perhaps a Loopback or NULL driver, where we use curl to get the content
back on stdout and then process it?

Or... something entirely different?