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Thread: Possible bug: resource name override

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    Possible bug: resource name override

    I may have found a bug in the idmdash.

    When using a workflow with a resource name override the ECMA script used in that WF is not evaluated by the task overview in idmdash.

    We have a WF in which a user can select a certain resource. This request has a basic approval and we want the approval name to show the requested resource. Therefore we use the resource name override of the start activity:
    WF name: Request resource
    Name override: ECMA script: "Request resource: " + flowdata.get('Start/request_form/fldResouce'

    This leads to the following result:
    - In IDMProv the approver group can see in the task notifications: Approval Request resource: some-form-of-resource recipient request date
    - In the idmdash the approver group task overview displays the literal ECMA script expression (so "Request resource: " + flowdata.get('Start/request_form/fldResouce'; )
    - When opening the actual task idmdash *does* show the "Request resource: some-form-of-resource"

    We use the Identity Applications version

    Any suggestions this finding ?
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