I have a SR open for this but I'm hoping someone else might have encountered this issue and has a fix.

Earlier in the week I took a snapshot and did my Online Updates and everything ran fine for a couple of days. Then during the nightly maintenance at midnight coming into Friday, GWIA started to fail on startup with a segmentation fault error message. To make a long story short, after trying a similar TID and other troubleshooting the "fix" that we found for this was to revert to the snapshot that I took prior to doing the online updates.

After getting GWIA back up for the day, once again at midnight it fails to open again with the same segmentation fault when it starts up, something with liboff. So for now my fix is that I need to restore the server to the snapshot that I took earlier in the week on a daily basis.

Has anyone encountered this or something similar and have any ideas for a more permanent fix? Thanks