We are managing Google Apps using IDM 4.02 with google driver
When a new student is created the Google account, password sync, context and group membership works fine.

When a student is no longer active in the school the user accounts are removed except for the Google account.
This is moved to a former / past user account. This action work fine also

The issue is when a student is re-instated in the school, new accounts are created within the connected systems. But when the Google drive processes the event and goes to the Match rules, it will come back with "no match found" message and process the student as an "add operation".
When the write occurs I get error for conflict object exists

Any input would be appreciated

[11/01/17 14:54:02.622]:google ST: Applying rule 'Match on Variable Email Address to userName'.
[11/01/17 14:54:02.622]:google ST: Action: do-find-matching-object(scope="subtree",arg-match-attr("CN",token-local-variable("lv_EmailAddress"))).
[11/01/17 14:54:02.623]:google ST: arg-match-attr("CN",token-local-variable("lv_EmailAddress"))
[11/01/17 14:54:02.623]:google ST: arg-string(token-local-variable("lv_EmailAddress"))
[11/01/17 14:54:02.624]:google ST: token-local-variable("lv_EmailAddress")
[11/01/17 14:54:02.624]:google ST: Token Value: "92004260@students.XXXX.org".
[11/01/17 14:54:02.625]:google ST: Arg Value: "92004260@students.XXXXX.org".
[11/01/17 14:54:02.625]:google ST: Query from policy
[11/01/17 14:54:02.626]:google ST:
<nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
<product edition="Standard" version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<query class-name="User" scope="subtree">
<search-class class-name="User"/>
<search-attr attr-name="CN">
<value type="string">92004260@students.XXXX.org</value>


[11/01/17 14:54:02.774]:google ST: No matches found.
[11/01/17 14:54:02.775]:google ST:Policy returned:


[11/01/17 14:54:02.808]:google ST:No match found.
[11/01/17 14:54:02.808]:google ST:Applying object creation policies.
[11/01/17 14:54:02.809]:google ST:Applying policy: %+C%14CNOVLGGLEORGU-CreateRule%-C.