Greetings All,
A quick question on Object Status. When I put a server into Maintenance Mode and I do a query on it's "status" in the QDB I see that the status changes to reflect that it is indeed in Maintenance Mode, i.e. 268451844. If that server is a SQL server and I do a query to see what the status is of the database objects is they show on-line, i.e. 301989888. I would have thought that the status of all the objects in the Object Table would reflect the server being in Maintenance Mode. Reason I am asking about it is that I have an SSRS page with the status of the agents of a group of SQL servers. I was hoping to use the status of the Databases instead of the actual agent, if that makes sense. What would cause the status of the discovered database object to change outside of the object being deleted? Hope this question makes sense.