We have 6 edirectory servers, 1 master and 5 replicas,

3 edirectory servers has edirectory version 8.8.8 SP7.
other 3 edirectory servers, including master has edirectory version 8.8.8 SP8.

Also we have recently migrated from IDM 3.7 to IDM 4.5.5

When a user reset its password via SSPR class 'pwmUser' gets added to master immediately and password gets updated, but 'pwmUser' class doesn't get added to some of the replicas and password change doesn't get updated.

Also, whenever this happens i log into imonitor, select agent synchronization, search for affected user and select TimeStamp Entry (timestampobj) or Send Entry to Replicas (sendobj) and 'pwmUser' class get replicated to the replica servers, and password gets updated in replicas.
But this is a work around.

Please let me know how to resolve this.