After upgrading to ZCM 2017 UPD1 (servers and client agents are all updated), the location awareness does not work in any predictable manner.

I have not changed my configuration for a long time, but after the upgrade, devices may take hours or days for the network environment and configuration location to show up correctly.

My configuration is:
Configuration -- Locations -- Startup -- use last known location
Configuration -- Device Management -- Zenworks Agent -- Agent Location Awareness -- Location awareness (according to my understanding, this is supposed to use a driver to make sure location is determined quickly and accurately)
Network environments are all configured to match based on IP address
I can see that my devices have IP addresses that match the configured location settings, but the network environment and configuration location doesn't change to the correct information. Sometimes it will change several hours or even several days later.

Can anyone provide me with information on how to find why the network environment is not being calculated? Is there a way to "force" this calculation? Any other suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?