As we start rolling out Windows 10, we are getting some intermittent
loss of connection to one OES11.2 server that is as identical to the
other OES box at that site as I can make it.
No clear errors in the Event logs and the only thing that comes close
is many more hits of
PingL1Oplock: connection did not respond to L1 Oplock Ping for file
handle .... So clearing of the oplock flag!
Than the users experience the problem.
The users are using a common Revit model on this server (the main
difference between the servers), and once they hit the issue, they lose
their drive mappings to that server and can't reestablish them without
a reboot.
I've instructed the users to give me a more precise timing of hitting
this than 'a couple times yesterday' so that I can better see if there
is anything else interesting happening at that time.

Sort of turning off Oplocks on the server, any other ideas of what to
drill into?

Windows 10 Pro 1703 and now 1709, with OES client 2SP4IR6 and 7a
OES11.2 stuck until we upgrade backup, then we can advance it.
No signs of any network issues.

Andy of in Toronto
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