Hi guys, IDM 4.5.3 on linux.

Users will not use original DASH permission field for roles and resources, just for PRD. So, I need to hide all roles and resources from that. Ok, done by trustees.

But, doing this, users can't see roles or resources from custom PRDs. I tried to put users containers in all attributes rights (not Entry Rights), this works fine for IDVault.get(null,<DN>,<Role Entity>,<attribute>), but not for queries. Putting Entry Rights ACLs, users can query and see roles in DASH permission field.

As users haven't access to Browse entries (I imagine), DAL queries, DNQueries fields, and so on will not work, but granting it, DASH will display all roles.

Is there a way to do this? Like PRD query eDir with "all" permissions but DASH page show only PRD?