I have the problem, that the appliance migration is not running because some prerequisite steps are missing. I followed the documentation and i have a open SR but maybe someone in this forum has the same problem and can help me with this.
The support has no solution at the moment and i'm waiting for a remote support.

We have two 11.4.2 appliances. We want to upgrade/migrate to 2017 so i followed the docu and asked the support for the correct steps. We have a seconds hard disk mounted and the image-repo is mounted to a cifs share.

I did the prerequirements (run zdc and installed the novell-zenworks-prereq-0.1-1.noarch.rpm on the 11.4.2 appliance).
Both runs without any error.

I shutdown both primary servers. I started with the primary that has the internal db.

I deployed the 2017 appliance to our vm environment and make a copy of the vmdk file (11.4.2) and attached this vmdk to the 2017 appliance.
Now i powered on the 2017 appliance and the vm is booting. After a few seconds i get the warning, that some prerequisite steps are missing on the 11.4.2 appliance. You can see the warning attached.

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There is no information about the steps that are missing and i find no other prerequirements that are necessary.
Has someone else a problem like this?

Thanks and Greeting