I need to take out the first primary server and replace it with a second Primary.
There is agood description about it in the docs: https://www.novell.com/documentation...a/bj1yh9t.html
Will need to move the CA and certs and see to that all content is over.

One of the things need to be done aswell is to change the deafult closest server role, and put the new server in top and the old one at the botom, and then remove.
Done this for all things in there (Collection, Content, Configurationa and Authentication).
After giving it time I ca see in agent on manaed devices (under servers) that it refelcts out and new server is on top.
One thing.
At that place in agnt there are 5 things, the four above and the Join Proxy.
There are still the old server in top.
In Default Closetst Server Role it is not possible to set that.
Looking under locations and servers there, there is a place to put in order for Join Proxy, but we are not using locations, so there is just "Unknown location" and no servers specified.
Is there not a place, like Defalut Closest Server Role, where tis i configured as "deafult". Dont want to start up with locations.