OK, this is kinda a one-time run thing, but there's lots of "one-times" I will have to do.

Originally I was just going to manually import LDIF files via Apache Directory Studio, but due to the fact that my skills with Textpad are limited, and the fact that you have to adjust the group AND user attributes when adding users to groups, I thought it would maybe be faster (ha!) to possibly do this via an IDM driver.


So, getting the list of userid's = not a problem.

Yes, I *can* manually do the LDIF manipualting via some very simple macros in Textpad, but at the moment nothing "easy" comes to mind (have to copy the dn line several times).

So I suppose, if the lovely text delimitted driver (IDM 4.0.2, sorry, don't know if it has, or if we are even entitled to the other what, LDAP-something driver?)

We ARE licensed for the delimmitted text driver Although I suppose if the eval of the other driver (if it's even with our version of IDM) works, this is a one-time short-term thingy and then we just delete the driver.

Anyway, I digest.

I can manually create the groups (have to be done anyway, as they'll be all over the place in various OU's and we need to input a description as to what rights the group will have to which file systems --description field only).

So I'd just need to plop in the Group Name (even if I have to do it in the dn format that's OK)
list of userid's

and then let the driver find the dn's of the users (I suppose I could look at some code in the existing driver we have that sorta does this already), and then adds those to the group and does the reciprocal attributes as well (theoretically I think reciprocal stuff is turned on, but I think that's on the eDir to eDir driver but I don't recall for sure).

Any ideas/suggestions, would be great.