I have a windows service that uses an account to logon.
This service needs access to edirectory to authenticate users.

I've used KB7008266 in the past to configure the registry key based on a local user in order to provide the service the preferred tree, context and user account info in order to gain access OES.

But, we have now been asked to use a domain user for the service instead.

Local account was called <locuser> so, following the KB, I created a key called locuser.
But now the domain account is ad\locuser (a.k.a. locuser@ad.corp.com).
I tried using locuser, ad/locuser (since you can't have \ in a reg key) and locuser@ad.corp.com and they all fail to be used by the service.

So, the question is what is the key naming format for a domain user that should be use in conjunction with KB7008266?