caseosborne <> wrote:
> Thank you very much for your reply. That is our main problem, we do not

have Exchange server in TEST right now. We are awaiting that to do
testing before making changes in PROD. I just wanted to see if someone
had already done this before and if it was fairly "simple". I like the
idea of disabling the IDMPowershellService.exe entirely.

As a short term approach, yes. As I said. Need more details/level 3 trace
of driver startup and of an Exchange provisioning event. (Engine/RL).

> Speaking of

which, I have another business need where we want to hid users from the
GAL upon termination. Is this command set directly in the IDMPowerShell
service on the Remote loader or do you code this into the AD/Exchange
driver and the Powershell service picks it up and processes it?

The latter. I do much of my powershell work with Scripting Driver or in
o365 driver. The AD Exchange/powershell service is deliberately crippled
compared to other options (but many find it good enough).