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Thread: Cant use LDAP over SSL against Active Directory servers

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    Re: Cant use LDAP over SSL against Active Directory servers

    Quote Originally Posted by CRAIGDWILSON View Post
    The issue described in the TID will not prevent the use of SSL and Certs for trusted connections.
    Use of IP instead of DNS in now way causes any trust errors or prevents the use of SSL for AD LDAP Connections.

    If you are seeing issues when using IP addresses, then you have other issues.
    Hello Craig, and thanks for your reply.
    I had (wrongly) assumed that the error stems from the empty "subject" field in the certificate, while also seeing nothing in the "issued to:" field in ZCC.
    As I wrote above, setting an IP address instead of a DNS name for the connection resolves the issue and the user source works correctly. However, I do not wish to use the IP of the domain controllers as these might change in my company in the near future.
    I will consult with the AD team in my company on whether this solution is acceptable.
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