FILR 3.2


my intention:
there is a folder on our nss-volume "OurCorporateDesign", created by user "joe".
Joe wats to share this folder und his subdirectories with other users. Every member of his team wants to use the FILR Desktop Application

what I've tried:
I logged in to FILR webinterface as admin and used "Administrationskonsole" (administration console?).
Then I choosed "Netzwerkordner" (network folder?) | hinzufügen (add) and entered the correct url of "OurCorporateDesign".
In tab "rights" I added user "joe" and allowed access to this network folder.
The problem: In the same tab I cannot grant the right for giving other (internal) users access to subfolders of "OurCorporateDesign". Those items aren't "clickable". I only can grant joe the right for to give other users access to single files; this works but its too laborious to publish every file separately...

In addition:
joe is owner of the folder "OurCorporateDesign" and has access right in eDirectory

Any idea to solve this problem?