My wife has a decent laptop, but she wants a new desktop as the one she's using is quite old. She is into genalogy so usually has multiple browser windows open at the same time along with a genealogy application and graphics application. Not heavy duty stuff.

I've always liked Dell machines as I've had many and have never had any hint of a serious problem with one or the components inside. Dell has what looks like a nice Inspiron desktop on their cyber monday deals: 7th generation I5 with 12GB ram and a 1TB drive for US$399. Seems reasonable to me. Here's their flier. Any other suggestions or comments? I've never had an Inspiron machine. 12GB ram is probably a little overkill but that way she can have lots of browser windows open. There's just something in her genes that keeps her from closing windows. :-)

HP also has a decent deal on a similar machine for $479 which is still a decent price if I can't get the one at Dell (limited quantities).

Anyone else getting new hardware for the holidays?