Im trying to set up email printing using a google mail account and iPrint appliance 3.1 (newly installed as 3.0 then updated). When I put in the required Global Email Settings for the appliance as follows:

Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Mail Server Port: 993
Incoming Server Type: IMAP
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server Port: 465

and click Save, I get Please Wait for close to 5 minutes and then a banner across the top of the page that says An error has occurred. See the server logs for more information. I can then immediately re-enter the password for the account Im setting it up with, hit Save again, and instantly get Changes have been saved successfully.

At this point, I can send an email with an attachment and the print printer=[printer name] command in the subject line and the attachment will print out. However, I will not receive a return email telling me that the job was successful. Also, if I send an email with list printers in the subject line, I do not get a list back.

If I set up a 2.1 appliance and put the same settings in (minus the ports, since there was no place on the management page to specify them in 2.1), everything works as expected. I will get the emails back from the appliance saying my job printed successfully or listing the available printers. Additionally, if I upgrade to a 3.0 appliance from that 2.1 appliance, everything will work like its supposed to, although in the Global Email settings the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Port lines are empty.

So, Im figuring it has something to do with those ports? I think those are the correct ones. Anybody out there successfully set up email printing on an iPrint Appliance 3.0 or after with a Google mail account?