is it possible to display and use Data from other than logged Vibe User, where User is variable from entry form?
I think about two methods. But it does not work.

1/ Custom JSP - SQL SELECT: SELECT stringValue FROM SS_CustomAttributes where name = 'annual_holiday_fund' AND ownerId = '102';
This is working in SQL Studio but it does not work in CUSTOM JSP. Specialy it does not work in custom JSP for USER PROFILE DATA.

2/ Custom JSP - combination of ${ssUser.customAttributes['annual_holiday_fund'].value} = USER PROFILE DATA
${ssDefinitionEntry.customAttributes['attendee'].value} = USER read out from FOR VIEW

${${ssDefinitionEntry.customAttributes['attendee'].value}.customAttributes['annual_holiday_fund'].value} this does not works too.

Any idea?

Thanks so much.