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Thread: Behaviour of 11.4.1 agents with upgraded 2017 servers

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    Behaviour of 11.4.1 agents with upgraded 2017 servers

    The answer to my question may be very obvious but I cannot find it in the manuals. We have three primary servers running 11.4.1 and about 1000 laptops and desktops running Windows 10 with the 11.4.1 agent.

    If I upgrade the servers to 2017, will the 11.4.1 agents on the laptops and desktops work as before? The application launcher will still show all applications and launch or install them when appropriate? Or will the agent only be able to upgrade itself to 2017 and no other functions? The computers will all stay in the same upgraded zone.

    This because I don't want to tell all 1000 machines to upgrade themselves all at once, it would cause an enormous congestion and wait times.
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