we have to following migration scenario:

GW8 on OES2 (SLES10) should be migrated to GW2014R2 on OES2015 (SLES11SP4)

what we did

- from a Windows-PC, we used dbcopy to copy the Post Office data (two passes, -f and -s to finalize) from the old to the new server.

- from a the same Windows-PC, we used dbcopy to copy the Domain data from the old to the new server.

- we installed GW2014R2 on the new server

- we choosed upgrade and selected the Domain and the PostOffice directories on the new server

- the update reported success and Domain and PostOffice Version are on 1420 and MTA and POA Agents are running

But MTA can not communicate with the PostOffice. When looking at the MTP Status of the PostOffice-Agent, i can see that the Inbound IP-address still points to the old server.

Where can i change this address? (I did set of course the new IP-address in the Postoffice Agent, but that set obviously only the outbound address)

did i miss something or is this migration path i took not working at all?

When i started the upgrade on the new server, i think id did not stop the GroupWise-services on the old server. Might that be the reason that the old IP is still somewhere in the PostOffice files on the new server?

Thank you