Hi everybody,

I have recently been enjoying myself with structured GCVs. And I must say,
that it is absolutely a nice experience, bordering to being better than
coffee in the morning.

Anyway, now in my latest attempt at greatness, I wanted to have a list in
one of my strctured gcvs, so I can loop over the list (inside all the
other looping).

My issue is, that I cannot figure out how to address the list items, and
get them into a nodeset.

An instance looks like this:
<definition display-name="Description" name="description" type="string">
<value>Deactivated Users</value>
<definition display-name="Object Class" name="objclass" type="string">
<definition display-name="Default Owner" dn-space="dirxml" dn-
type="slash" name="defaultowner" type="dn">
<definition display-name="Deactivation OU" dn-space="dirxml" dn-
type="slash" name="deactivationou" type="dn">
<definition display-name="References to Remove" name="references"

I want to get the items in "references" into a node set.

I have tried this, amongst a lot of other stuff (this is somewhat pseudo-
code, it would bloat the post if I posted the entire rule)

<token-global-variable name="drv.refdeactivation"/>
<do-set-local-variable name="lRefs" scope="policy">
<token-split delimiter=";">
<token-xpath expression='$current-node/definition[@name="references"]/

So the question is, how do I get the list items into a node set? I cannot
figure out how to address it.