I am trying to get the correct supportconfig to use for SLES 11 SP3 with OES 11 SP2. If I look at the SUSE blog dated 3/25/2013, it indicates I should use supportutils-1.20-128 which, when installed, for supportconfig, gives me a script version of 2.25-452 and a script date of 2016 08-24

OTOH, if I look at Micro Focus TID 7010476, it indicates I should download supportutils-3.0-44.3.noarch.rpm which gives me a script version for supportconfig of 3.0.40 but a date of 2014 06 11 (much older). In addition, if I install the updates plugin - supportutils-plugin-updates=1.0-27.1, then run it, I get errors of 'Evaluating supportutils ... - retry later' and 'Updates to /icons/rpm.png' and the version of supportconfig stays the same.

What is the correct supportutils to use to get the latest version for SLES and the correct updater so I can get any updates? I also have GroupWise running so I would want the updates for that as well.

And why does Linux continue to be so confounding confusing???