Hello All,

We were in a process to setup one of the applications to our PROD OAuth environment NAM 4.1 where we are facing a strange error on application OAuth callback URL.

We have registered the application as Native application and URL format is xxx://oauth but it is giving below error:

> Invalid_grant: Invalid redirect_uri com.myclient.AuditTool://oauth-callback. redirection url must be https%. the same setup is working without any issues but the only difference is our NAM version which is and that works perfactly.

After this the application team has modified their settings for implicit grant and they were able to login but received another error as "invalid_grant: Grant name is not valid as per the Oauth Specification". For the new error when we make changes to jsp file which results in a blank page 200 response.

so we are really stuck on very first error of https where the URL is not a browser but a native application. Please help us to understand if this is an NAM version issue of application team has to make some ssl changes to work with NAM 4.1 OAuth tool?

Thank you,