On 12/07/2017 10:06 AM, SFDavies wrote:
> Trace shows the query happening and then it looks like it completes ok.
> Anyway I thought I'd try the latest workstation iManager with eDirectory
> 9 and IDM4.6 plugins
> Same result.
> The error occurs when picking the Identity Vault value i.e. no
> interaction with the driver, which is why I saw this as an
> eDirectory/iManager issue not an IDM one

If the trace (meaning the IDM trace) shows the query completing
successfully, then I think you're right and this is an iManager-side
issue. Still, when you click on these values, it works by issuing that
trace via IDM (driver object) to the application. It would appear that
the IDM side is happily working correctly, but then the browser side is
fouled up somehow.

I suppose your next best course of action is to report a bug via a Micro
Focus (MF) Service Request (SR). If they can duplicate it then I would
guess it is a simpler fix.

If you are an HTML/JavaScript junkie you may find using developer
tools/plugins/add-ons in browsers to inspect what is going on indefinitely
somewhat interesting; it may even make finding the fix pretty

Good luck.

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