I have been asked to complete the Windows 10 update for the remaining teacher laptops so that everyone is on the same basic version of windows. The Student systems were re-imaged over the summer using our normal method of Imaging which worked great. Many of the teachers are resistant to having their systems reimaged during the school year. I have upgrade a few of the computers using the setup.exe /auto /upgrade command. Some are successful and others are not. I think the main catch is the driver updates end up failing and the upgrade reverts back to the previous install of windows.

On this topic I have two questions.
1. I remember a Cool Solutions article that explained how to Publish the Windows Version as a Patch that could be referenced in patch management. I can't seem to find that now. It would be nice to use this option just for the reference to the build versions let alone the Upgrade option from Patch Management.

2. Has anyone found a good sequence or setup for Upgrading Windows Using the Setup.exe /auto /upgrade option? I am not sure whether I should remove my AntiVirus and ZENworks before the upgrade to help with the upgrade or if this is just an issue with the Windows Drivers option. The driver sequence failure drives me crazy due to upgrading from 1607 to 1703 should be able to use the same drivers already installed but that even fails.