I thought I would post something I found when setting up MaxMind Geolocation per this Cool Soiutions Article;

Maxmind Geolocation Provider for Risk Based Authentication with NAM 4.1

We are doing this on 4.3.3, and it works fine built as shown in the article.

We are also using Fingerprinting in the Risk Based Policy. We have two policies, for two different systems. One worked great, and one never got any fingerprints. Looking thru the logs for both systems, it was seen that when the non-working one ran the Risk Policy, when it got to Fingerprinting, there was no User DN available. The working one always had a User DN. Looking at the Policy, it was noticed that the working one did Fingerprinting before Geolocation. Both were weighted the same, the idea being fail either and you step up. The non working policy did Geolocation before Fingerprinting. No DN. I reversed the order in the non-working, and it is now working.

Our setup uses the MaxMind Freebie (GeoLite) database, and one thing I noted with the code from the CS Article is it only is setup for the City DB. That is ok, even though we only cared about the Country, as it is all in the City. Browsing thru the code I did not see any other property values for other databases, but I am not a real Java Coder, and I do not play on on TV.

What is really needed is for NetIQ to step up and support more Geolocation systems, if that is possible. There is either Neustar Service or Custom Provider. It would be nice to have more choices.