I noticed the issue from one of our txt driver output files.

2 different accounts
Same server
1 attribute having an issue- the dateofBirth

This is happening with more than 2 accounts obviously, but the problem is the dateofBirth. When looking at each of the accounts (please keep in mind both of these accounts are on the same server and same version of eDirectory) via ConsoleOne or iManager, the DOB's look correct; however, when looking at the accounts via my SofterraLDAP browser....one of them shows the correct DOB and the other one is way off and has a year of like 2094. It isn't just the LDAP browser either because as previously stated it is happening on my txt export driver as well.

I have no clue why on the same exact server that some of the DOB's are showing wrong and others are showing right. If it was only the LDAP browser then I would say ok and move on, but it has something to do with the account I am thinking since my txt export driver is showing the same thing as my LDAP browser, but yet ConsoleOne and iManager show both accounts correctly. I have tested deleting the value and when it resyncs and populates, then it is the same as it was before. I have compared the attributes properties and they are the same between one that is right and wrong.

Thank you in advance to any insight that can be provided.