Good morning, I posted a new thread last week concerning some time issues that I was seeing and gonna start a new thread since I have more information on the culprit.

How are folks converting dates that are in eDir as pre 1970 (like dateOfBirth = Wed Jan 20 00:00:00 EST 1965), and needing to get that value out of eDir when using in my case a Delimited Txt driver. My PSOFT driver is writing the DOB value to eDir as a value with a - sign as I now know happens to values before 1970 and when I use the convert time tokens on my txt driver it is converting it....the txt driver is not seeing the - value but a different number all together (same way was when vieiwing it through my LDAP browser) and writes it to the output file with a year date out past 2037.

Just wanting to see how others are getting dates out of eDirectory that when looking at them via iManager or Console one they are showing a date pre 1970, and needing to get that actual pre 1970 value out of eDir via a driver.

Thank you!