We're running SLES 11 SP3 /OES 11 SP2 with a GroupWise 2014 R2 system. We are syncing users from eDir to GroupWise using LDAP. The only fields that show up in the GroupWise user General tab in the GroupWise administration console are Description, First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial and email address. Other fields such as Title, Location, Department, Telephone number and fax number, which are filled in for the user's eDirectory object do not appear in the GroupWise system address book.

LDAP sync is working in that I can modify the middle initial field of the user in eDir and have that replicated to GroupWise when I do a 'synchronize' on the user account but I can't get the other fields to appear.

In the GroupWise administration console, I have checked under the Domain | Adddress book tab and the above fields are listed in the box labeled 'Address Book Fields'. Why don't they show up when looking at the user object in the GW admin utility or in the system address book at the client?