I've inherited a Sentinel installation that I know very little about. The original person that installed it left a while ago, and is not available to get any information from. I believe it's an appliance install, but don't know if it was OVF or ISO (or it could be a straight install). It's running on a VMWare environment, so I'd expect it to be OVF. I have the application admin and Linux root passwords.

Logging in and poking around, I find that Help->About says that this is v. I see that 7.4 is currently in Extended support, so while I'd like to plan a migration to Sentinel 8, I'd like to get this setup upgraded to v.current first. It looks like the latest should be v.7.4.4.

WebYast reports that the system is up to date, no updates available. That's clearly not true. When I look in the Repositories, there aren't any. "zypper lr" confirms, this box has no repos configured for any updates.

What repo paths should I have this configured with?