Workflow Error: com.netiq.common.l18n.impl.LocalizedResourceResolv erNoDefaultFoundException: The resource resolver com.novell.soa.notification.impl.vdx.LocalizedEmai lTemplateResolver did not return a resource for the default local of en. It is required that the resource exist for the default local.

Within the XmlData attribute on the local-configuration.AppDefs.AppConfig.UserApplication driver I see this below when searching on "default-locale"... would paste in the whole thing but there is a copyright statement at the bottom.

xml:lang="fr">Chinois (Taiwan)</display-name>
<!-- 'root-resgrp' Main Configuration -->

Documentation states:

2.10.2 Supported Languages

You can localize the display labels, display names, and descriptions into the languages listed in the localization dialog box. This list represents the languages (locales) supported by the User Application driver. For information about adding new languages to this list, see Section 2.9, Specifying Locales and Localization Resource Groups.

The locale configuration is stored in the driverís <default-locale> element in the AppConfig.AppDefs.locale-configuration XMLData attribute.

You must provide a display label for the User Application driverís default language, or the User Application generates the following runtime error: The resource resolver com.novell.soa.common.i18n.LocalizedMapResolver did not return a resource for the default locale of <locale>. It is required that a resource exist for the default local.

I'm assuming that this isn't a concern and that it exists correctly.

When I go to the PRD, the E-Mail Notification tab doesn't show anything within it. I don't see the radio buttons for notify, reminder, escalation reminder or the box for show system tokens. I also don't see the email template option to choose. I Don't see any of the source or target fields.

Any ideas on how this could have been lost? (went from dev to test) ... Should I look at just redeploying the User Application over top of itself?