Just an FYI for those that may run across this. I have a few upgrades that
have happened and thought here we go again. No OES login but was able to
login as the original logged in user. No other built in local accounts were
being presented. Quickly found out that 1709 has a new autologin "feature"
that is enabled by default. Thank you MS for yet another not asked for
enabled function! The last logged in user will be logged in automatically on
reboot. If not logged in the last user is all that is presented to log in.
Almost as if the user locked the work station and all was needed to continue
back on is the password. In our case no OES client is presented. This same
function is causing issues for those on ZCM2017 agent 11.4.3 in regards to
shutting down and or rebooting. here is the TID.
https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7022426 Once in 1709 you can
go into user accounts and turn the slider for auto login off or push a
registry setting to disable it in GPO. whatever your pref is.