What version(s) of SNMP does NetWare 6.x include/support in the snmp.nlm?
RTFMing doesn't show any indications of which versions are included. based on timing I can see it readily supporting snmp v2, but backwards compatibility issues show it needs to be set-able, so not seeing that leads me to think it might only be snmp v1.

I have a client with a half dozen NetWare 6.x boxes (6.0.4 though 6.5.5 and they won't let me update them so don't ask) that we at least got all P2Ved.
they are trying to Point SolarWinds at them, but it fails.
We are early in the troubleshooting (in the new year/next week), so I am gathering data at this point and snmp version on NetWare is a big gap I see.