I am in process of getting ready to install ZENworks 2017. In order to do so, I had to move my certificate from a 2008R2 ZENworks server to a new 2012R2 ZENworks server. The move completed successfully except for one area.

The certificate server under Configuration-Certificates-Zone Certificate Authority shows my new 2012R2 ZENworks server and Active certificate authority shows Internal. When I click on the link to View Certificate in ZCC-Configuration-Certificate, the Subject and Issued by for the certificate still shows my 2008R2 ZENworks server.

My current ZENworks environment:
4 ZENworks 11.4.2 servers on 2008R2 I plan on phasing these out before the upgrade.
3 ZENworks 11.4.2 servers on 2012R2
Internal CA
I ran the command below on my SQL server to identify which ZENworks server hosts the internal CA and I got the correct 2012R2 ZENworks server that I migrated the role to.
select zsr.id,z.name,zsr.Roles as CA_Role,z.path from zZenServerRoles zsr, zZenObject z where zsr.id=z.zuid and zsr.id in (select zuid from zZenServer where Type='Primary') and zsr.Roles='CertAuth'

Anybody have any thoughts on how I can get my new ZENworks 2012R2 server to be shown correctly in the certificate instead of my older 2008R2 ZENworks server?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Scott Leonard
La Salle-Peru High School
541 Chartres Street
La Salle, IL 61301