I installed the UserApplication in version 4.6.1 in a new platform.

I created the UserApplication driver and the Role And Resource Driver.

I created the user uaadmin who is the UserApplication administrator and I configured the Userapplication with the configupdate.

I gave the following rights to this user:
- Read rights on Meta container
- Full rights on UserApplication driver

I performed some tests on the UserApplication and I observed the following behavior:
- uaadmin has full rights on IDMProv context
- uaadmin hasn't full rights on idmdash and landing contexts

For example, the user uaadmin can't access to orgChart on idmdash context.

I checked in my eDirectory, the user uaadmin doesn't have the attribute nrfAssignedRole filled.

Can you explain to me how this attribute is filled ?

Is it possible to force this attribute ?

Thanks in advance for your help.