I have the default "log out after password change" setting and the default logout URL. The Help Desk module has a post-change action to expire the password so that the end user is forced to change it. We have a splash page at "/" with links like https://.../sspr/private/ChangePassword?forwardURL=/ . If I reset a password from the Help Desk module and then click on that link to change the password, SSPR prompts me to change the expired password, then when I click on "Change Password" it takes me back to the Change Password screen. It doesn't say "please wait" or log me out like I would expect. However, if I also reset challenge questions and answers, then it prompts me to set up answers and when I save changes I get a continue button. Then it prompts me to change my expired password and gives me a "please wait" progress bar and then a continue button and then logs me out.