Good afternoon, in the attached image is a nested if statement and based on which local variable wins, the source attribute of Login Expiration Time will get set and that is working fine and I don't need to change it. What I want to also do is.......but an additional thing I want to do is grab that Login Expiration Time and put it also in an additional source attribute. I have tried setting my source attribtue to operational attribute in Expiration Time....but even the that time is getting set in the current operation, it isn't seen as an operational attribute. Yes I could add my source attribute code to each of the if then statements to set the source attribute as soon as the Login Expiration Time is being set, but I wanted my rule to be more efficient and look at a bit better and hopeful just issue my second source attribute command at the end. Please let me know if this doesn't make sense. Thank you in advance.

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