I have just some question about the usage of dbcopy:

We use DBCOPY Daily (Monday-Friday) to copy GroupWise PostOffice and Domain to another directory on the same SLES Server and Backup this destination with our standard BackupSoftware.
Saturdays, we delete the copied destination and make a new dbcopy, so that we have a fresh destination for our Saturdays Full Backup.

Now we installed a second SLES Server with an installed but not active GroupWise, and I want to make a second dbcopy job, which should backup GW to the second Server too.
With this second Server I would have a "Hot Standby" GroupWise Server, and if the active GW Server crashes, I have only to change the IP Adress and the name of the second Server, start the agents on the second Server and I have a
full functionally GroupWise System again.

Will DBCOPY make any problems if I have two DBCOPY Jobs Daily to two different destinations ? Does the first DBCOPY Job remember what he have copied with the first job and maybe skip all this files on the second job ?
Cause this would mean that the second job on the different Server would never be a complete GroupWise.

I think that DBCOPY checks the destination and will copy everything what does not exist, nevermind if there are 1, 2 or more destinations, but I just want to be sure that this is correct.

Thanks and Regards,