Does anyone know if I update the UA driver package to a newer package that supports the 4.6 UA will it break support for the 4.0.2 UA.
The documentation says it won't but I wan't real world feedback.

Here's our setup
UA 4.0.2 due to old Oracle DB

We want to move to 4.6 now that we have access to newer DB, however we do not want to lose the development we have in progress on 4.0.2. We would like to implement 4.6 alongside 4.0.2 until we are ready to migrate to 4.6, is this feasible?
I have installed 4.6 trying to connect to the old 4.0.2 driver and am getting an error that states the driver is not compatible with the current driver package. Can that driver be upgraded and maintain compatibility with the 4.0.2 user application?