I patch my OES 11 Servers using the Updater App.

I chose to do a Distribution Upgrade from the Updater App and upgraded the server from OES11SP2 (SLES11SP3) to OES11SP3 (SLES11SP4).

The Customer Center Registration Completes Successfully using the Registration Codes that I have for OES and SLES.

Now when I go to the Updater App and select to Check for patches, I'm prompted that the nu_novell_com patch channel requires Basic Authentication. (User Name and Password)

I did follow a TID that described clearing the local registration and registration cache and then re-registering with the Customer Center.

Re-registered and the patch channel repositories are all fine, but I'm still prompted to do a Basic Authentication when trying to patch.

Has something changed with the required registration codes from OES11SP2 to OES11SP3?